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Hello Rockers,
Greetings from the ever growing Nashville Tennessee!   After a short break, it’s time for my band The AL-MIGHTY 3 and I to get back out on the road for the 2nd leg of The WILD CARD TOUR starting June 2nd. This time we will be returning to Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, and France. It’s a crazy and dangerous world out there and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to spread love and good vibes through music.It’s an honor to have people on the other side of the world dig what we do and keep asking us back. Even though these places are too far away for most to attend, I’m planning to post lots of pictures and live video on my Instagram and Facebook Music page so you can follow us around and catch all the fun. It’ll be like you are almost there! Make sure and say hi and let us know you’re watching. 

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Latest News!

Hello Rockers,

Greetings from Collinsville. I hope this message finds you well. First things first… Thank You to all our friends old and new for your continued support of our music. We had a great run last year playing over 70 shows in 11 countries. I think it was our best tour yet! Touring is something I never take for granted and I’m grateful for the chance to get back out on the road to see a ya again this year and… I’m excited to announce a special opportunity we have to play at Sweden Rock Festival on the same bill as Aerosmith! Keep reading for more info on that. 

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Happy Holidays


rockin-santa 600x400







Hello Rockers,
Happy Holidays and wishes for peace and goodwill to all!

If you’re in the holiday shopping spirit and looking for ideas and deals, I have some special holiday sales including 2 different 2016 KEEP ROLLIN’ TOUR T-shirts available on my web-store for only $5 on the USA site and €5 on the International store. We have several other items including a vinyl copy of my latest record Roll The Dice (+ free cd) at reduced holiday prices thru December 31. Right now is a good time to shop for yourself or the music fan in your life while you still have time to get it under the tree by Christmas. 100% of every USA order is signed (if you request), sealed and delivered with a kiss straight from me to you.

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The KEEP ROLLIN’ 2016 TOUR starts back up on 9 Sept. in Ohio thumbnail

photo by Roger Johansson

Greeting from Collinsville!

Hi Everyone,  Wow… I can’t believe summer is almost over. I must say, I’m not going to miss the heat. We’ve been out of the country since June 5th so I’ve missed most of it. I wanted to give a quick shout out and say Thank You to all that have been coming out to the shows during our 11 week KEEP ROLLIN’ summer tour. It’s been off the hook fun going to so many great places around the globe and meeting up with friends old and new. After being home for a couple of weeks, I’m looking forward to part 2 of the tour starting September 9th at our favorite roadhouse, Route 33 Rhythm and brews in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Then we are off to my old stomping grounds, The Beachland in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland is the place where it all began for Al and I. We started playing shows and put our first band together while living there. After the Ohio shows, we’ll head back across the pond for another 10 weeks of rockin!

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Friendship without borders - now the US band is back with family

Friendship without borders – The US band is back with the Lindhoff family.










Life on the road yields wonderful friendships. This family, The Lindhoff’s from Lomma, Sweden have welcomed my band and I into their home for the past 5 years. The local newspaper picked up on the story. Check it out!


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2016 banner - brown and tan 2 copy

Hi Folks,

Just wanted to let you know our KEEP ROLLIN’ 2016 TOUR is in full swing.

With close to 70 shows on the calendar this year, we are zigging and zagging our way across the globe.

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Stacie-shoot-sreen-shotHello Friends and Fellow Merry Makers,

I know it’s been a while but just because you haven’t heard from me doesn’t mean that I’ve been chillin’. Heck no! I’ve been balls-to-the-wall busy touring, making records, memories and new friends! It’s been a wonderful year filled with more ups than downs and I have so many things to be thankful for. I hope the same for you.

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I’m making my 5th record and invite YOU to be part of it! thumbnail

Hi friends!

I’m excited to be making my 5th record ROLL THE DICE and invite you to be part of it. We will raise the money for this record with this special Pre-Sale, Bake Sale, Yard Sale, Fundraising Extravaganza on IndieGoGo running April 14th thru May 24th. For all the details and a list of “Thank You” gifts for support please visit the campaign page at IndieGoGo.

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