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Hello Rockers, 
Greetings from Collinsville! 
The AL-Mighty 3 and I will be kicking off the final leg of our WILD CARD 2017 TOUR on 8 September in Kjøpsvik, Norway. I’m really looking forward to the shows but also I can’t wait to do some fishing in Norway! 
This year has gone by so fast! This will be our 4th time across the pond in 2017. Wow! Lots of frequent flyer miles this year. We have shows in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, England, Wales, ending the tour in London at the world famous 100 Club. Many of my heroes like Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry and even The Rolling Stones have played on this stage. It’s humbling the amount of history held within those smoke stained walls. 
Once this tour is over we plan to slow down and get back to writing songs for the next record. We’ve been working on it but there’s just been too many distractions to finish a new record this year. You can stay in the loop for all the haps including new music via my email list and social media so please, if you have not already, sign up for the Newsletter and come visit me on Instagram and my Facebook Music page
As many of you know, Dan Baird has been a big part of my music. He’s not only influenced the songs we write but he’s played on many of my records and has even played guitar in my band when I was first getting started in Nashville.
I could go on about the greatness of Dan Baird but I’ll get to the point; Dan has chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and needs to take some time off to get well. It’s a long story best told by Dan himself so I’ll paste a note from DB in a message below (I have edited out a few bits to keep it brief as possible).


August 1 at 5:13am · Message from Dan:

Hey gang, long post warning again,

I’ve been overwhelmed by all the love and good wishes, and those mean a lot, but I’ve got to tell you I’m only a part of the picture. Homemade Sin is and always has been a band. A working band.

At this moment, I don’t know exactly what the future holds for me, but I intend to beat this CLL crap and resume playing as soon as possible.

The other guys need to continue to work. Nobody knew how this thing was going to play out, but over the last three shows without me, they have stepped up beyond belief. 

Homemade Sin want to try and keep the flag flying until I recover. I very much want that too. Please read below the plan that we as a band and Mick Brown, our manager, want to try and implement with your help:

HMS are booked through till the end of the year. Dan is irreplaceable but we do have a pool of musicians and friends within the HMS family who we are going to call on to help out on the upcoming shows in a guest capacity. We want to keep the basis of the show HMS, but we will have to broaden the remit a little, some Scorchers, some covers, but still a whole wallop of HMS and Satellites and whatever it ends up being, it’ll be a kick ass rock n roll show.

Many of the promoters are friends and will be prepared to take us without Dan given the circumstances, others will need convincing. Lots has been made of the HMS family bond and it’s a real thing, most of you being a part of it. Here’s how the family can help:

If you already have a ticket for a show, please don’t ask for a refund. Go see the show, have a good time, support the band. If you were thinking of buying a ticket in the future and have the means, do it now. We can show the promoters that we have your immediate support and can make the shows work. If you know we aren’t coming anywhere near you, you can’t get to a show but want to support us anyway, choose a venue and buy a ticket, it’ll help the promoters.

Even given all of the above, it’s inevitable that we’ll lose some shows. If you are a promoter or club owner in the US (Sept) or Europe (Oct / Nov) and have availability and want to help us out, e-mail mick.jerkincrocus@gmail.com we may have gaps we need to fill, even if we don’t it’ll still be great to know you are there for the future.

Please, we don’t want donations of money, we want to be able to ply our craft and earn a living. We will be putting together a compilation cd as a ‘crowd funder’ to help us cover any shortfalls caused by any cancellations. 

The fan family around this band has been and continues to be amazing, please help us hold things together whilst Dan recuperates.

Thank you

Dan, Warner, Mauro and Micke


If you’d like to help Dan Baird and his band Homemade Sin, please click this link to order 
Thanks to everyone for the continued love and support.
I hope to see ya on down the road! 




Here are the confirmed Fall tour dates. No more shows will be added in 2017 so I hope you can make it to one of these venues. Check www.staciecollins.com/calendar for tickets and details. 
  Sep 08 Kjøpsvik Bluesklubb • Kjøpsvik, Norway  
  Sep 09 Festival Saltenbluesen • Fauske, Norway  
  Sep 13 CC-Pub • Gävle, Sweden  
  Sep 14 Malmitalo • Helsinki, Finland  
  Sep 15 Rantakasino • Hameenlinna, Finland  
  Sep 16 Scandinavian Blues Party • Kokkola, Finland  
  Sep 17 45 Special • Oulu, Finland  
  Sep 20 Rantastic • Baden-Baden, Germany  
  Sep 21 Das BETT • Frankfurt, Germany
  Sep 22 Waldhaus • Heilbronn, Germany
  Sep 23 Schupfart Festival • Schupfart, Switzerland  
  Sep 25 Robin 2 • Bilston, United Kingdom  
  Sep 26 Marine Hotel • Colwyn Bay, United Kingdom  
  Sep 28 Bootleggers • Kendal, United Kingdom  
  Sep 29 The Iron Road • Evesham, United Kingdom  
  Sep 30 The Musician • Leicester, United Kingdom  
  Oct 01 Talking Heads • Southampton, United Kingdom  
  Oct 03 100 Club • London, United Kingdom