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Happy Holidays


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Hello Rockers,
Happy Holidays and wishes for peace and goodwill to all!

If you’re in the holiday shopping spirit and looking for ideas and deals, I have some special holiday sales including 2 different 2016 KEEP ROLLIN’ TOUR T-shirts available on my web-store for only $5 on the USA site and €5 on the International store. We have several other items including a vinyl copy of my latest record Roll The Dice (+ free cd) at reduced holiday prices thru December 31. Right now is a good time to shop for yourself or the music fan in your life while you still have time to get it under the tree by Christmas. 100% of every USA order is signed (if you request), sealed and delivered with a kiss straight from me to you.


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2016 KEEP ROLLIN' TOUR T#2 - front

2016 KEEP ROLLN' TOUR T#2 - back









We played over 70 shows in 11 countries this year and the audiences were so gracious we didn’t want the love-fest to end. Luckily for us, it won’t be long before we get back to doing what we love… playing music for y’all. Our 2017 tour kicks off in Austria on Feb. 18th. Check my show calendar for details.

THE MUSICIAN 2016 by Roger Johannson

It’s been a crazy 6 months since my KEEP ROLLIN’ TOUR kicked off in Europe on June 10th. That’s a long time on the road but when you have such a super-awesome band/road family like Al Collins, Jon Sudbury, Ryan McCormick and equally kick-ass road crew with Boomer and Kåre, every night was something to be conquered and enjoyed.

The band and I like to spend time hanging out with everyone after shows when we can. I don’t always have my camera handy but I did manage to snap a few pictures during the tour. I plan on gathering footage for a video recap of the year. Not to worry (wink wink) I won’t include any of the incriminating ones! We have so much fun out on the trail of rock and I’m looking forward to sharing a bit of the faces and antics that make up the Collins “Selective Collective”. If you have pictures or video that you’d like to share, email them to me at <mail @ staciecollins.com> or contact me and I’ll send you a link where you can send them (if the files are large you should send via wetransfer.com or Dropbox). Please include the location of the photo or video as well. I’d love to see them and I’ll include them in the video if I can.

See ya on down the road!