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In the saturated music market, so full of youth, freshness and prefabricated impostor originality, certain names remain secret in the underground . With a more than solid career behind her, backed by an overwhelming band and the best reviews, Stacie Collins is one of those safe bets to make glad the concert schedule: in a comfortable alternate place, away from a mainstream where names deserve more respect, it is fortunate for all lovers of this small format that this country-rock lady remains one of the secrets at our disposal.

The Madrid band, Sparkle Gross opened the evening in an absolutely overwhelming performance . Weathered with the disrespect of much of the public, that it does not even bother listening to the opening act, let alone if they are Spanish, and they have to exhibit this by means of incessant chatting the close to the stage. For fortune, Sparkle Gross belongs to the group of the bands “callabocas”: marvellous and torn “ Worried About You ” achieved the miracle. One more example of how is the public of this country the worst enemy of his musicians.

Very different was the awaited entrance of Stacie Collins of Nashville. She fills the stage by means of a furious tone of the harmonica and studied animal savagery. With a band remodelled from his last visit, supporting as the only fixed member, husband and bassist, it was presenting a more compact enough sound. Certainly, he was emphasizing his virtuosity, something that is much the spectacle of the American.

Her mixes of country music and rock sometimes slides sometimes dangerously towards a pop as in “ Baby Sister “ with which they opened, without going further, but for fortune it can slink towards much more mournful areas, where she is an absolute queen: more blues is already in her slope, “I Don’t Care Who Knows ”, a more rock, style to which she gains access to the crowd. Vibrant versions of “ Jumpin ’ Jack Flash ” or “ It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock And Roll) ” with which they closed and one encore.

One hour and a half of concert in total, which began lighter and finished in thunderstorm, with small harmonica solos plunged between the public up to coming to the last person in the back of the venue. Many covers, some so surprising as “ Ooh Las Vegas ” of Gram Parsons, like valve rockera of linkage that, together with blues, prevents Collins from being one more singer of that who has happened in calling herself a country music singer of Nashville. Perhaps more reputation would gain, but it would not have offered us such an entertaining night of Rock and Roll. And this is of being grateful.

(Translated from Spanish)

Almudena Eced
by Musicópolis