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Hello everybody!

I guess it’s true what they say – All good things must come to an end. After 7 weeks of touring across the pond with my band the AL-Mighty 3, I’m back in Nashville. It feels good to be home (mostly) but I’m still flying on the fumes of the road. My mind is filled with sweet memories of all the incredible places and people we’ve encountered these past months. I close my eyes and can see the crowds of happy smiling faces as we rocked together exchanging a pure and unfiltered connection through the music. It’s a high like no other. 35 shows in 41 days meant a lot of packing and unpacking and of course I brought too much stuff as usual. On about week 6, my 50 pound suitcase started to feel like a 500 pound beast. I also got sick, sprained my ankle and really messed up my shin during separate shows. Ouch! Swollen and bruised but AL has me on mandatory bed / couch rest and is taking very good care of me so I’ll be good as new in no time.

It’s been a busy year thanks to our SHININ’ LIVE! 2013 World Tour. THANK YOU to my bandmates Al Collins, Jon Sudbury and Ryan McCormick for playing great and keeping me laughing. Also to Connie Bloom and Pontus Snibb for kicking ass on part 1 and 2. I had so much fun and it was a gas gas gas both on and off stage! BIG thanks to Edgar from Blue Rose Records for the support and rescue (among other things), and my kick-ass road crew driver/Merch team Wouter Bakker, Gerjan Koninenbelt and Sylvia for taking care of business. I’m very fortunate to work and create music with such brilliant people. I’m especially grateful to those of you who take care of us; Put us up when we’re on the road or come to the shows over and over. That kind of support is the backbone of this band and we love you for it!

Ending the tour on a high note, I had a wonderful WEEK long birthday celebration during which time friends from several different countries flew in to celebrate with us. Talk about “Icing on the cake”.

I wasn’t able to stay in touch as much as I had wanted on the road and it seemed that time, technology and the internet were not always on my side. I’ll gather up some pictures, video and reviews to post soon. If anyone has anything from the shows you’d like to share, you can send them to stacie@staciecollins.com In the mean time, it’s back to reality for me. Lot’s of emails and To-do lists to tend to but I’m looking forward to hooking up with friends for a long over due hang, catching a local band or 2 and if I’m really lucky, heading home to visit family and friends for the holidays!

Thank you to all who love and support LIVE music around the world!

Take care and keep on keepin’ on!

Until next time….